Deviated Route

The Deviated Route will follow the route as shown and is scheduled to depart the planned waypoints at the times shown throughout the day. The route can deviate up to 1/4 mile off the route to pickup or drop off riders along the route. A rider wishing to be picked up on a deviation from the route must call for a reservation. If their destination is a deviation from the route, it must be communicated as part of the reservation. If a rider boards at a waypoint and their destination is a deviation from the route it must be communicated with the driver upon boarding. A rider may board the bus at any waypoint and depart at any waypoint if feasible.


Transfers between the Red and the Green Route will occur at either the Downtown Plaza or at Hy-Vee. The driver and dispatcher will communicate to determine which transfer point will have the shortest wait time. All transfers are free. Riders will be given a “Transfer” token to board the bus of the other route without having to pay an additional fare. These transfer tokens will only be accepted at the designated transfer locations.

May 2024

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